Pelargonium australe
Pelargonium australe

Pelargonium australe


Long flowering for semi shaded areas

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Pelargonium australe is another wonderful addition to the collection. Grows into a deciduous rootstock and dies down over autumn appearing in early spring once again. Appears not to branch but rather create new buds on a developing stem/root stock.

Packet contains at least 30 seeds

Pelargonium australe is growing on the east face , on and around rocks in shallow acidic soil, in collected debris/compost in the cracks of the rock. Water is only provided during rain and runs past the plants, collecting in and saturating the compost and staying moist for some time until the next rains.

Drainage will be the key to cultivation of this plant. Another challenge for the garden enthusiast.

Seeds collected on the property by me here in Killawarra.


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