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Mixed Guinea Keets 0ne week old


Mixed keets. Lavender and Pearl pied (with some ivory mixed in until they show).

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Product Description

Ivory Guinea Keets - One week olds

Mixed guinea keets – Lavender and Pearl pied (with some ivory mixed in until they show).

As I breed for more white in my birds I am selecting bird each season with more white on them. The pearl or lavender colour still remains but the birds will have a degree of white on the breast and wing feathers.

Home delivery is possible if you live within 200kms from my place. If you are willing to meet me half way then so am I. ( minimum 6 birds)

Increase your flock size or introduce them to the farm. Your own personal bug clean up crew. Guineafowl can be a bit of a challenge for snakes and warn everyone when foxes, eagles and crows are around.

Caring for guinea keets is pretty easy once you get all the elements that go towards a healthy keet in place.

  1. Make sure the heat plate of brooder box is heated and ready to accept the keets. Ensure the floor is not slippery and rough in texture.
  2. Place a small water bowl in the run and change twice a day at least. When I deliver the keets to the brooder box for the first time I dip each keets beak into the water before I let them go. I then place the keet under the brooder plate and allow the bird to acclimatise to the new temperature differential.
  3. I finely cut lettuce and teamed egg as their first food source for the first 24 hours. The next day I introduce fine seed (canary, finch or budgerigar) mixed with turkey mash. During the training weeks, say at 3-4 weeks old, I introduce wheat and poultry mix, 90%/10% respectively.
  4. During the forth to sixth weeks they are becoming young teenagers, full of life and will eat whatever moves. At this stage the keets will need an open run to forage and dust bath in.


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