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Crinum Seeds x 10+


Fresh seasonal seeds available during the warmer months

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Crinum seeds are pretty easy to grow. Fill the pot with potting mix and press the seeds into the soil. Don’t press them in too deep. Keep the top of the seed visible.

Water once and then leave them to dry out a bit. And then water again. The dry spell will stimulate the germination. Keep the seed pot under shade cloth but in a sunny spot.  Too much water will rot the seeds!

Once they germinate and get their second leaf start to harden off. Plant into the last spot or pot on in their second year.

The genus Crinum is a very large genus and very widely distributed to many parts of the world including America, Asia and Africa.

More than half the species occur in Southern Africa. Growing Crinum has taught me a great deal about cultivation, as many of these species require specific cultivation. I urge the Crinum grower to study up on cultivation requirements for better, healthier bulbs and blooms.

In water inundated areas I have had C. campanulatum and C. paludosum growing quite well. I use a sandy clay medium and totally emerse the bulbs in water for short periods during the growing season. Feeding can be done in between waterings with blood and bone.

Special Requirements –  many Crinum species do really well in the open garden. Clay sand, full sun and feed during the growing season

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