crinum lugardiae dwarf form
crinum lugardiae dwarf formcrinum lugardiae dwarf form

Crinum lugardiae dwarf form


A neat thin foliage with an elegant bloom

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Product Description

This is one of my most favourite of bulbs Easy to grow and a great bloomer.

A wonderful addition to the collection. This foliage arrange neatly, medium greed, 1cm x 40 cm followed by multiple blooms, responding to wet dry periods once in situ.

Like a mini Crinum, this bulb flowers beautifully when well established.

Thinner foliage then most other Crinum species, it is literally just like a mini Crinum lugardiae form.

Softly keeled flowers in pink and white.

1 x Flowering or near size of this wonderful little gem of a bulb.

This bulb grow in the same spot as Crinum lugardiae so …

Crinum lugardiae grows best in full sun in enriched clay loam soils. Can survive a drought year and can survive minus 15 C during cold weather . It’s the perfect farm plant.

The genus Crinum is a very large genus and very widely distributed to many parts of the world including America, Asia and Africa. More than half the species occur in Southern Africa. Growing Crinum has taught me a great deal about cultivation, as many of these species require specific cultivation.

I urge the Crinum grower to study up on cultivation requirements for better, healthier bulbs and blooms. I have Crinum variable growing in the open paddock. This is a very tough bulb. In water inundated areas I have C. campanulatum and C. paludosum growing quite well. I use a sandy clay medium and totally immerse the bulbs in water for short periods during the growing season.

Feeding can be done in between watering’s with blood and bone. Apply wood ash biannually to promote blooms.

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