Crinnadonna Les Hannibal picottee
Crinnadonna Les Hannibal pink

Crinnadonna mixed Les Hannibal’s Offset


A hardy bulb with a great flower

Product Description

Crinnadonna Les Hannibal’s mixed – Comes in soft pink or soft picotee where the rims of the blooms are darker pink than the inner of the flower. Leaves are a medium green and add texture to the garden landscape.

Les Hannibal’s Crinnadonna are and have been grown from seeds sent to me by Les in 1998. Easy to grow


This will be an offset of this fine bulb.

Crinnadonna grow well in the summer garden.

If you are watering a summer annual or summer perennial garden this would be an ideal growing spot. Allow the bulbs to settle in and remain undisturbed for at least 5 years. The will result in blooms year after year.

When grown in a pot make it a large on and feed well during the growing season.

A wonderful addition for the home gardener.

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