brunsvigia gregaria
brunsvigia orientalebrunsvigia gregaria leavesbrunsvigia gregaria leaves

Brunsvigia Mixed bulbs x 2


A random selection of superb flowering bulbs.

Product Description

A selection of bulbs of Brunsvigia species.

Brunsvigia orientale, B. gregaria, B. josephinae and B. littoralis.

These are of mixed ages and can be from 3 – 5 years of age.

A random selection of Brunsvigia species 3-5 years old x 2

These species of Brunsvigia grow pretty much the same as Amaryllis belladonna. They like a bit of water during the hotter months.

Equivalent to 2 inches over three months is sufficient.

Blood and bone and wood ash biannually and the bulbs will reward you with marvellous blooms and intriguing foliage.

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