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Brunsvigia josephinae 2 x 3 years old


An old farm favourite.

Product Description

Large wavy grey/green leaves follow and umbel of red hot flowers. A very fancy bloom. This extraordinary bulb grows to least 100 years old, and then some. It has been found in South Africa at a very old age indeed. If the environment is accommodating as conducive to growth, I suppose that this species of Brunsvigia can just keep growing! Purchase include 2 x 3 year old bulbs

The Brunsvigia species are fast gaining popularity with many gardening enthusiasts. No wonder! And Brunsvigia josephinae has enjoyed this attention for over 100 years In Oz.

They are beautiful plants when in leaf and they reward you with a wonderful flower at the beginning of each season too (winter growers).

Easy to cultivate with little or no attention and treated as an Amaryllis belladonna for soil type, position, watering and feeding.

The Brunsvigia grow next to and in the same regions as Amaryllis belladonna.

I have had excellent success treating them this way.

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