brunsvigia gregaria
brunsvigia gregaria leavesbrunsvigia gregaria leaves

Brunsvigia gregaria 3 year old bulbs


Wide leaves and a stunning bloom

Product Description

This is an excellent Brunsvigia species for the beginner.

Large flat green leaves once established. Flower are stunning pink on an upright umbel about 30cm – 45cm high.

These bulbs are a bit small and have been over-sown in the pot. Once planted out I’m sure they will gain regular size as per normal in one or two season growth.  Plant out and treat as normal.

Purchase includes 6 x 3 year old bulbs

Brunsvigia gregaria is probably one of the most tolerant of the Brunsvigia to grow. As rule of thumb, the one I use to regulate cultivation requirements for Amaryllis belladonna, summer rain over the dormant period, Brunsvigia gregaria will thrive in this situation. This rule can also be applied to B. josephinae, B. littoralis, B. grandiflora, and B. orientale.

Full sun, open clay loam, raised beds and allow for a summer drink or two. A dressing of blood and bone once a season and an application of wood ash bi-annually. And hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the bulb to let it mature. In year 5-6 the first flower appear. A great hardy bulb for the beginner.

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