amaryllis belladonna hathor
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Amaryllis belladonna mixed bulbs x 3 offsets


A wonderful selection of Amaryllis belladonna blooms.

Product Description

Amaryllis belladonna mixed blooms.

A range of different shade of Amaryllis belladonna coming from across my collection. I have collected these bulbs from many collectors  across Oz. and the globe. Les Hannibal’s Best, Charlie Parker Hybrids, my own Hybrids and many Australian favourites such as ‘Rosea’ Hathor and ‘Enchantment’.

Purchase includes random pick of 3 offsets.

This easy to grow bulb is a real favourite with the home gardener and collector alike! Raised beds, sides of graded roads, laneways, old home sites, you see this bulb everywhere. Of course, the best flowering displays are in home garden, where the bulb is mixed in with other plants and usually in dark or loam type soils. Allow summer watering when dormant as this provides and excellent display come autumn.

From collections gathered over the past 20 years. Includes Les Hannibal collections (seeds sown over successive years ) and Charlie Parker hybrids, along with many other contributions from collectors. Random pick of 3 x offsets – anything is possible.

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