Amaryllis belladonna hybrid cp04
amaryllis belladonna CPO4

Amaryllis belladonna Charlie Parker hybrid CP 04


A showy dark form of Amaryllis belladonna

Product Description

A wonderful addition to the collection. This showy dark form of Amaryllis belladonna can really accentuate a part of the garden each autumn with its rosy pink flowers on 70cm stems.  2 x 3yer old bulbs.

This rather pretty Amaryllis belladonna hybrid comes the gardens of Charlie Parker, bred during the 70’s. It is the darkest of the hybrids in this selection of hybrids and one of my favourites

What’s the secret? Don’t let the bulbs roots dry out too much over summer. Most winter growing amaryllids need at least some ground water in the soil over the dormant period. If they don’t get any water at all they will use up the roots to keep the bulb alive during the harder months. This can influence how well the bub flowers and sets seed. If there is not enough water during the dormant period flowering can be aborted for that season and you have to wait another year to see if you got it right. Fortunately Amaryllis belladonna and its many hybrids are easy to grow and care for. Simply plant them in the summer garden where you know you will water during the hotter months. Feed with blood and bone and wood ash biannually.

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