Bulb/Seed Request

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List your request to find that special hard to find bulb.

This web site is now closed and a reference only.

But if you have a request or are searching for a special seed/bulb it’s best to search Google or Facebook first.

There are a lot of people out these willing to help you with your collection.

Amaryllis paradisicola:  from the Northern Cape of South Africa

Contact Ton Wijnen on Facebook if you have any of the above in seed or bulb.

Hello, can you help me find an oz plant Gymnostachys anceps. I would love to grow it as part of the paleobotanical project here as it is a link between Acorus & Arums…

Contact Fred on Facebook

Hi, I am trying to locate either bulb or seeds of Paramongaia Weberbaueri please contact Lily https://www.facebook.com/lily.pily.35

Bunsvigia josephinea foliage

bunsvigia josephinea foliage