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Greetings Fellow bulb and bird enthusiasts.  This web site is now closed…..see below for more.


On Bulbs – Most of the winter growers have been sold off to very happy bulbies. Thank you every one for your excellent support in this clearance sale.


Update – the summer growers are coming into growth now. I will be sending out a list for these for you to choose from and get back to me. In the meantime….

As some of you may be aware I am selling some of my bulbs on eBay. As some of them appeared on there when I sold off the winter collection I thought I may as well do the same.

This has allowed many folks who could not get to the garden to obtain bulbs for their collections. I am not sure if there will be a bulb dig on the summer growers yet. I am waiting to see how many come up.

Here is a link to my EBay page :

I will be listing more in due course.

Happy Gardening Everyone


On Birds – I have destocked my property and presently am not selling any Guinea fowl or Araucana Chickens.

I have sent my Guinea fowl and equipment to these two wonderful folks.

Terry and Cheryl Bradshaw Phone 0428 220 569 You can also email them from their face book page at

Sharon Low – Phone 0423 781 548 Sharon can be also contact via FaceBook at

Please feel free to contact them for your Guinea Fowl requirements.


I wish you all the very best for the season ahead.

Stay well,


Ps. this newsletter will still be in circulation. I’ll let you know my next project. Perhaps you will want to be involved in that too.

Crinum delagoense

crinum delagoense

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