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Guinea fowl keets - one day olds

Welcome. I hope I have something for your collection available. Enjoy your stay!

*** Guinea Fowl mixed keets online now ***

Formerly Mainly Amaryllids Garden:

The bulbs available in my collection are available to the home gardener and geophyte enthusiast alike. I do not as a rule supply large quantities of bulbs, with Amaryllis belladonna mixed colours the exception .

Growing bulbs and birds here at Killawarra keeps me busy. Shop content can be apt to change without notice. Especially around seeds time. New seeds are added and deleted very quickly as the become ready.

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Crinum delagoense

crinum delagoense

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Welcome to Killawarra Poultry Updates Newsletter. On this Newsletter I will be posting any updates on seeds, bulbs and birds/eggs available etc. for your easy notification about what is the latest goings on. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for your bulb or guinea fowl requirements. My number is 0429 621 612 Cheers, Dash Geoghegan.